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Un nuovo nome per i lobbisti? Why not?

L’American League of Lobbyists cambia nome. La parola lobbista non va più bene e allora si trova una nuova denominazione. Si chiamerà “Association of Government Relations Professionals (AGRP)”, associazione dei professionisti delle relazioni istituzionali. L’approvazione della nuova denominazione, una occasione definita storica nel comunicato stampa presentato sul sito dell’associazione di categoria (www.alldc.org), è stata votata

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Does the future need Lobbyists? (10 June 2012)

To ignore policy is still an option? “That is, indeed, a problem to some extent. Of course, that then leads to a debate about what to do about that if you believe in the importance of disruptive innovation, and fear incumbents holding it back. The answer is not necessarily to “hire lobbyists” and play the

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Most MPs back lobby register (16 April 2012)

More than half of Coalition MPs would back the creation of a lobbying register… http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/most-mps-back-lobby-register-7640680.html

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Super PAC Backlash (14 March 2012)

Washington Post/ABC News poll says 69% of voters want groups outlawed, The Huffington Post reports http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/13/super-pac-backlash-poll_n_1342055.html

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Lobbyist’s hire an ethics joke (8 March 2012)

WASHINGTON – President Obama brought in one of this town’s most prominent lobbyists to run his White House, The Spokesman Review says… http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2012/mar/08/lobbyists-hire-an-ethics-joke/

CIPR thrashes out lobbyist register with minister (23 February 2012)

CIPR Public Affairs (CIPR PA) debated the Government consultation on a statutory register of lobbyists with Cabinet Office Minister Mark Harper MP. The meeting was the first such event since the proposals were published last month. http://newsroom.cipr.co.uk/cipr/cipr-thrashes-out-lobbyist-register-with-minister/

Jack Abramoff’s atonement (7 February 2012)

La carriera (opposta, dice, a quella di Ralph Nader), la corruzione e il featherbedding. Ecco la riflessione sul lobbying di Jack Abramoff, ex lobbista, oggi scrittore, conferenziere e blogger per il Republic Report. Dal Washington Post, Dana Milbank. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/jack-abramoffs-atonement/2012/02/06/gIQA6oA5uQ_story.html

2nd EU Conference of P.A. Professionals

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